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Kaban FM, Malaysia Live Online

  Kaban FM 

Kaban FM Radio is a New Community Radio Channel in Sarawak broadcasting in English, Sarawak Malay, Iban and English. Genre Song Yang Di Post aired comprised of 60 % Malaysia , 30 % English , 10 % Other Ethnic Including Local , Chinese & Tamil . It Includes Local Artists Lagu2 Sarawak, Sabah and Malaysia. Besides that internationally other Artists are participating from Brunei, Indonesia. It was first established on October 23, 2010. First Name ( calm fm ) , given Rebranding In ( 16 February 2011) - quiet Dotfm , ( October 23, 2012 ) In Give New Breath With Rebranding ( Kaban fm - Selection of your choice ) to Date in 2013 New concept (Memainkan Muzik Hitz Retro Terkini). For more details visit:



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